Subscriptions to the Current Pharmacy Law Database

Subscriptions to the Current Pharmacy Law Database


Current law searches are customizable, and the laws include the legal language, timelines, and previous versions across all 52 jurisdictions (the 50 states, D.C., and federal). Shop our pharmacy solutions store for additional products and pharmacy solutions.

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The time-saving way to search current pharmacy laws across all 52 jurisdictions.

Bula’s team includes experts in tracking pharmacy statutes, regulations – and more across all 50 states, D.C. and federal.

The team searches for the information and tailors it to meet the specific needs of clients’ businesses. The information is updated regularly in the platform, so that clients have access to the most current data which helps them save time and resources, while being confident in the accuracy of their findings. Subscribe above to our current pharmacy law & regulations database.

Bula’s database is the most comprehensive current law database out there.


  • Annual subscription – single user: $1,200
  • Annual subscription – 2+ users: $1,000/person


These Current Laws Database subscriptions only include access to statutes and regulations. They do not include access to subregulations, newsletters, or agendas, nor tracking and reporting in the Bills and Proposed Rules Database, FAQs or templates. Law firms or attorneys may not be eligible for short-term subscription pricing. Please, contact Bula for further details. Information contained in the subscription to the Current Laws and Regulations Database is for internal use only and may not be used or distributed for commercial purposes per Bula’s Terms of Use.


By purchasing a subscription to Bula, you agree to only one person using each login profile.

Who benefits from Bula’s Current Law Database?

  • Pharmacies

  • Compliance departments in the pharmacy industry

  • Pharmacy associations and boards of pharmacy

  • The educational sector

  • Healthcare professionals

  • Pharmaceutical companies

The specific current laws include:

  1. Legal language
  2. Previous versions

The two options for searching the Current Laws database:

1. Boolean-powered search bar with filters

Much like a traditional search engine, clients can search the current laws and regulations database with their subscriptions by entering keywords or phrases into the search field using Boolean operators. They can then further narrow down their results by using the filters below.

  • Customize your search for results specific to your needs

  • Search by jurisdiction, law type, keywords and phrases

  • Results are displayed initially with brief summaries and highlighted keywords, so clients can find the results most relevant to their search quickly. Additionally, the view can be changed according to the user’s preference.

  • Filters include:
    • Jurisdiction
    • Law type
      • Statute
      • Regulation

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2. Browse the database’s current pharmacy laws and regulations by state and topic in an expandable menu

Some clients prefer to search the database by browsing a menu by state then topics until they find exactly what it is they are looking for, instead of using the search bar and filters. This option allows clients to drill down the expandable menus by state then topics until they find the specific item for which they were looking.

A statute example

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Purchasing a subscription to the current pharmacy laws & regulations database and accessing Bula

On the checkout screen, you will need to enter your requested user(s) email(s) and full name(s). These will be the people able to access the Current Law Database. The user(s) will receive a Welcome email with login credentials, directions and assistance at the email address(es) you enter.

If you are not able to purchase your subscription online, contact us to request an invoice.

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