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Access the most trusted, evidence-based natural medicines database designed to improve clinical understanding of integrative medicine, natural therapies, and dietary and herbal supplements.

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Advance Your Clinical Expertise With NatMed

Learn about a wide range of natural medicines and integrative therapies, with guidance on common uses, potential safety concerns, and interactions.

Access the most comprehensive data set of over 250,000 products commercially available on the market to determine which products to recommend or avoid, with new products added daily.

Quickly screen for interactions between drugs, food, herbs, supplements, and therapies and over 250,000 commercially available products, with new products added daily.

Enter a condition or symptom to determine which natural medicines should be recommended or avoided.

Easily screen for drug-induced nutrient depletions with evidence-based ratings to determine which are clinically relevant.

Effortlessly check for safety concerns regarding natural medicine use during pregnancy or breast-feeding.

The Adverse Effects Checker shows you which natural medicines have the potential to cause specific adverse effects. Select any symptom or side effect and get a list of natural medicines that have evidence to suggest that they might cause that side effect.

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NatMed Pro offers individual providers and organizations a robust suite of resources and the industry’s largest natural medicines database to improve competency in integrative therapies, including easy-to-use quick-check tools and relevant CE/CME focused on hot topics related to natural medicines, supplements, and other integrative therapies.

The same data in NatMed Pro is leveraged by a range of organizations from pharmacies and hospitals to libraries and universities. NatMed Pro puts reliable information on natural medicines at the fingertips of providers and empowers healthcare professionals to confidently answer patient questions and make educated recommendations that support nutrition, wellness, and patient safety.

NatMed Pro also provides detailed safety and dosing information while filling knowledge gaps related to natural therapies and complementary modalities, that are increasingly popular with patients. NatMed users stay current with new research with breaking articles delivered electronically each month. Additionally, clinicians can use the database to educate patients on natural medicines, with consumer-friendly patient handouts available in English, Spanish, and French.

Additional NatMed Solutions For Organizations

NatMed Advisor is a mobile-friendly, bite-size access point for the extensive information in NatMed. NatMed Advisor is a great option for individual clinicians who just need the basics from a reliable, evidence-based source, or for organizations who want to provide patients access to approachable natural medicine resources that explain what works, what doesn’t, and why.

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Our flexible RESTful API is designed for seamless integration with your systems so your team can easily access the industry’s most authoritative natural medicines resource. When you integrate these reliable resources, your team is better prepared with robust, evidence-based information without having to leave their system.

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The Interaction Checker focuses on drug-to-supplement interactions which includes foods, herbs, supplements, commercially available products, and health & wellness therapies. If an interaction is found, a short description with the likelihood of the occurrence, severity, and rating of the evidence will display. It does not currently check for supplement-to-supplement or drug-to-drug interactions. However, supplement-to-supplement interactions are available in individual monographs.
The Effectiveness Checker can be used to see which natural medicines have been evaluated for a specific symptom or condition, whether the evidence supports use, and the strength of the evidence. The Comparative Effectiveness Chart can also be referenced to see which natural medicines are most effective to least effective for a specific condition, provided in a table format.
Yes. Our database includes over 1,400 Food, Herbs & Supplements and Health & Wellness monographs. Monographs provide comprehensive information about safety, effectiveness, dosing, and more.
NatMed is built strictly on the evidence. Our team approaches the subject of natural medicines from a completely objective and unbiased perspective. We do not take any advertising or sponsorship from third parties. We systematically identify and critically evaluate evidence-based research so you can always be confident the material is current, unbiased, and reliable.
The database is maintained daily with updates ranging from FDA announcements to new research on the effectiveness and safety of specific ingredients, supplements, and therapies. Our dedicated content team consistently evaluates new topics, regularly adding new monographs that are relevant to the current marketplace.
Yes. TRC offers CE/CME courses covering a wide range of topics related to natural medicine, including the safe and effective use of supplements and herbs, as well as alternative modalities such as acupuncture, light therapy, yoga, mindfulness, and more. We provide credit for pharmacists, nurses, physician assistants, nurse practitioners, and physicians, as well as anyone else who can utilize AMA PRA Category 1 credit (such as dietitians). These courses can be accessed from the NatMed site here.
Yes! Please complete our customer service form here and our editorial team will review your content request.
Companies making or selling dietary supplements or other natural products should email [email protected] to begin participating in TRC’s Manufacturers Connect Program. To learn more, visit the information sheet about Manufacturers Connect here.