— A pharmacy compliance guide —

Pharmacy Records and Recordkeeping

Details included in this pharmacy guide:

  • Articles related to:
    • Staff
    • Best practices
    • Compliance binders
    • Managing off-site records
  • 5 Frequently Asked Questions’ legislative citations across the 52 jurisdictions:
    • Filing: What are the requirements for filing prescriptions?
    • Record retention: If the state allows eStorage of Rx’s, how long must hard copy Rx’s be retained before shredding?
    • Inventory record retention: How long do inventory records need to be maintained? (this applies to legend drug and controlled substance records)
    • DEA Form-106: How long must the DEA Form-106 be retained?
    • PBM/3rd Party: What records does the state require to be submitted?
  • Other pharmacy guide resources

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