Pre-written Pharmacy Policies & Procedures Manual Templates

Bula provides a time-saving way to help clients publish policies and procedures for their pharmacies.

Written policies and procedures are a must for well-managed pharmacies and the implementation of good business processes and practice. Now clients can create a personalized pharmacy policy and procedures manual that documents their procedures, outlines their business requirements, helps them comply with legal requirements, clarifies expectations, reduces new-hire orientation and training time, as well as improves day to day operations. Buying this policy and procedure manual template allows for tracking revisions, approvals and corresponding updates for better accountability.

Bula’s template subscriptions are active for 12 months, so you can access the documents and any updates during that time.

Now available: CMS-10147 (required by several PBMs)!

Why do pharmacies need a Policy and Procedure Manual?

  1. They can be legally required to be on file. In order to avoid fines or worse, a Policy and Procedure Manual is a must.

  2. Minimize liability with standard quality and compliance measures that protect against error.

  3. A P&P manual can assist with the on-boarding and training of new employees.

  4. Create a safe work environment by implementing standard operating procedures of which all employees are aware. This protects not only employees, but customers as well.

Benefits of Bula's P & P Templates:

What's Included in Bula's Policies & Procedures Templates

Bula’s pre-written policies & procedures templates help clients quickly develop their manuals by selecting from over 300 pages of comprehensive pharmacy policies, procedures and forms created by the Bula team. These are complete templates, not just outlines of what a manual should contain, and they are based upon federal law. Clients can download the pharmacy policy and procedures manual template in its entirety with the click of a button, or download specific chapters as needed. These templates are downloaded as Word documents, so that revisions and updates are simple.

There are over 100+ Standard Operating Procedures, 40+ Policies, 10+ Forms, and 9 Job Descriptions!
See below for full list of all that’s included.

1.01 “Example” of a Mission Statement Policy 

1.02 Whistleblower Policy 

1.03 Safety Program 

1.04 Training Program 

1.05 Compliance Program 

1.06 Family and Medical Leave Act 

1.07 Substance Abuse 

1.08 Patient Bill of Rights 

1.09 Mandatory Reporting Policy 

1.10 HIPAA Privacy & Patient Confidentiality 

1.11 Patient Confidentiality 

1.12 Security of Health Information 

1.13 Anti-Harassment 

1.14 Reporting Discrimination and Harassment 

1.15 Policy Against Retaliation 

1.16 Quality Program 

1.17 Federal Anti-Kickback Policy 

2.01 Policy and Procedures 

2.02 Document Control and Change Control 

2.03 Records Management 

3.01 Disabilities and Reasonable Accommodation 

3.02 ADA Access 

3.03 At Will Employment 

3.04 Equal Employment Opportunity 

3.05 Job Classifications 

3.06 Reviewing Licensed Personnel Credentials 

3.07 Maintenance of Personal Licenses/OIG Compliance 

3.08 Director of Pharmacy Job Description 

3.09 Pharmacist-in-Charge (PIC) Job Description 

3.10 Store Manager Job Description 

3.11 Staff Pharmacist Job Description 

3.11.5  Pharmacist Intern Job Description 

3.12  Pharmacist Technician Job Description 

3.13 Pharmacy Clerk Job Description 

3.14 Delivery Driver Job Description 

3.15 Store Maintenance Personnel Job Description 

3.16 Compensation for Work Related Injuries 

3.17 Paid Time Off (PTO) 

3.18 Code of Conduct 

3.19 Attendance and Punctuality 

3.20 Dispute Resolution/Employee Complaint Procedure 

3.21 Disciplinary and Corrective Action 

3.22 Hours of Work/Breaks 

3.23 Employee Resignation 

3.24 Performance Appraisals 

3.25 Merit Increases 

3.26 Conflict of Interest 

3.27 Personal Injury 

3.28 Work-Related Injury/Illness 

3.29 Exit Interview 

3.30 Pharmacist/Staff Lunch Breaks 

3.31 Sick Leave 

3.32 Lactation Breaks 

3.33 Overtime 

3.34 Jury Duty 

3.35 Military Leave 

3.36 Medicare Part D Training 

3.37 Medicaid Training 

4.01 Customer Service 

4.02 Pharmacy Telephone Etiquette 

4.03 Returned Products 

4.04 Patient Medication Pick Up 

4.05 Diversity and Pharmacy Communications 

4.06 Patient Counseling 

4.07 Pharmacy Based CLIA- Waived Tests 

4.08 Clinical Reference Library 

4.09 Drug Interaction Prevention 

4.10 Selling Durable Medical Equipment 

4.11 Selling Methamphetamine Precursor Products 

4.12 Pharmacy OTC Sales of Syringes 

4.13 HIPAA Policy 

4.14 Security of Health Information 

4.15 Communication with Persons with Limited English Proficiency (LEP) 

5.01 Non-Sterile Compounding Practices 

5.02 Sterile Compounding Practices 

5.03 Controlled Substance Prescription Monitoring Program 

5.04 DEA Form 222 Ordering/ Processing/ Receiving 

5.05 Theft of Controlled Substances 

5.06 Dispensing CII Controlled Substances 

5.07 Dispensing CIII – V Controlled Substances 

5.08 Controlled Substance Inventory 

Newly Scheduled Controlled Substance Inventory 

5.09 Disposing of Controlled Substances 

5.10 Purchasing, Receiving, and Storage of Controlled Substances 

5.11 Prescription Management System 

5.12 Disposing of Biohazard Waste 

5.13 Expired Inventory or Returned Products 

5.14 Biennial and Quarterly Inventory 

5.15 Ordering and Receiving 

5.16 Shelving Medications / Sticker and Medication Storage 

5.17 Refrigerator and Freezer Temperature Maintenance 

5.18 Receiving Prescription Orders 

5.19 Clerk Responsibilities 

5.20 Pharmacist-in-Charge Responsibilities 

5.21 Store Manager Responsibilities 

5.22 Pharmacy Technician Responsibilities 

5.23 Pharmacy Staff Ratios 

5.24 Temporary Absence of a Pharmacist 

5.25 End of Day 

5.26 Transferring Prescriptions 

5.27 Pharmacy Maintenance 

5.28 Manual Operations 

5.29 Daily Closing Procedures 

5.30 Emergency Preparedness and Disaster Recovery 

5.31 Mail Order Services 

5.32 Nondiscrimination and Grievance Procedure 

5.33 Pharmacist Administered Vaccination 

5.34  Opioid Antagonist Protocol 

5.35 (Choice A) Hazardous Drug Handling 

5.35 (Choice B) Hazardous Drug Handling 

5.35 (Choice C) Hazardous Drug Handling 

6.01 Managed Care Policy 

6.02 Medicare Part D Policy 

6.03 Medicaid – Pharmacy Requirements 

6.04 Health Plan Compliance Program 

6.05 Usual and Customary Charges 

6.06  Beneficiary Medicare Part D Notice (CMS Form 10147)- NCPDP Rejection Code 569 

7.01 Adverse Drug Events 

7.02 Customer Complaints and Quality Related Events 

7.03 Error Reports 

7.04 Managed Care – Medicaid, Medicare Audits 

7.05 Product Recall 

8.01 Records and Retention 

8.02 Record Retention – Error Reports 

8.03 Electronic Record Retention 

8.04 Controlled Substance – Records Retention 

8.05 Record Retention – Invoices and Wholesale Receipts 

8.06 Retaining Patient Medication History 

9.01 Bloodborne Pathogen Exposure Control Panel 

9.02 Cleaning Chemical Spills 

9.03 Patient Injury 

9.04 Safe Handling and Lifting 

9.05 Hazardous Waste Disposal 

9.06 Biohazardous Waste Disposal 

10.01 Authorized Entry 

10.02 Burglary Procedure 

10.03 Key Control Procedure 

10.04 Parking Lot Security 

10.05 Robbery Procedure 

10.06 Employee and Facility Security 

11.0 Facility 339

11.01 Alarm-Security Requirement 339

11.02 Displaying Licenses 341

11.03 Pharmacy Facilities 342

11.04 General Housekeeping 344

11.05 Required Equipment 347

11.06 Personnel Parking 348

11.07 Holiday Party and Gift Giving 349

11.08 Lost and Found Procedure 352

11.09 Solicitation Procedure 354

11.10 Store Appearance 355

11.11 Staff Meetings 357

11.12 Pharmacy Work Environment 359

12.01 Purchasing Bags, Vials, Labels 

12.02 Pedigrees 

12.03 Drug Supply Chain Security Act (DSCSA) 

FM-01 Acknowledgement of Policies 

FM-02 Pharmacy Change Form 

FM-03 Adverse Drug Event (ADE) Reporting Form 

FM-04 Complaint or Quality Related Event (QRE) Report 

FM-05 Inadvertent Disclosure Letter 

FM-06 HIPAA Notice of Privacy Practices and Acknowledgement 

FM-07 Business Associate Agreement 

FM-08 Power of Attorney for DEA 222/ EOS & Revocation 

FM-09 Family and Medical Leave (FMLA) Request Form 

FM-10 Sample Nondiscrimination and Language Service Notification 

FM-11 Hazardous Drug Handling and Exposure Acknowledgement 

This manual template is reviewed and updated annually. Due to the dynamic nature of the pharmacy industry, changes may require Bula to make modifications between annual update cycles. This template and all others in this manual, are designed to comply with federal law however, some states have requirements that differ from federal law. We advise consulting a local attorney familiar with your state’s laws to determine if any changes are required to meet state-specific laws.