Custom Research

If clients have specific questions that are not in the database and require special research, Bula can deploy its pharmacy legislative specialists to conduct research to answer questions for specific states, all 50 states, D.C., and/or federal — depending on the client’s needs.

Bula’s custom research services provide clients with the information they request, in order to operate efficiently and effectively. From trying to educate themselves so they can expand their business, to providing unique information to their own clients or trying to streamline processes, Bula’s clients use its services to help them succeed. Clients trust that Bula can conduct the most thorough research in order to provide a complete answer to their question.


  • Add value for your clients

  • Decrease turnaround time for clients on questions

  • Increase operational efficiency

  • Cost effective expertise

How does Bula do it?

Bula ensures that the research solutions provided are tailored to meet clients’ business objectives by critically analyzing the information. The Bula team works closely with its clients and resources to make sure the final product delivered is all-encompassing and accurate, in order to satisfy the original question fully. Bula is focused on providing this information in an easy to understand format that simplifies the work clients do with the answers provided. The Bula team’s advanced research skills and extensive resources allow them to highlight key insights in a straightforward manner, so that even clients without a research or analytical background are able to understand and use the information entirely and efficiently.

Bula’s strong expertise and years of proven experience help clients achieve their research objectives, so that they can conduct better business.