Pharmacy Compliance Guide: Record/Recordkeeping Resources & Solutions

This guides includes information pertaining to record and recordkeeping best practices, off-site records, 5 recordkeeping FAQs with legislative citations across all 52 jurisdictions — and more!

Learn about techniques to protect yourself from unnecessary inefficiencies, possible fines, and gain access to solutions and tools that will help protect your pharmacy business.

Details included in this guide:

  • Articles related to:
    • Staff
    • Best practices
    • Compliance binders
    • Managing off-site records
  • 5 Frequently Asked Questions’ legislative citations across the 52 jurisdictions:
    • Filing: What are the requirements for filing prescriptions?
    • Record retention: If the state allows eStorage of Rx’s, how long must hard copy Rx’s be retained before shredding?
    • Inventory record retention: How long do inventory records need to be maintained? (this applies to legend drug and controlled substance records)
    • DEA Form-106: How long must the DEA Form-106 be retained?
    • PBM/3rd Party: What records does the state require to be submitted?
  • Other pharmacy resources