Legal Pharmacy Compliance Solutions & Features

About Bula

Bula is the top subscription-based software solution dedicated to pharmacy compliance that empowers clients by delivering simplified intelligence in an accurate, timely and meaningful manner.

It tracks bills, regulations, sub-regulations, rules and policies in all 50 states, D.C. and federal. Bula helps clients stay current in a simple and effective way, so they can effectively anticipate and navigate changes in regulation, evaluate and manage risk, stay in compliance, avoid large fines, and preserve customer trust.

Features & Solutions

  1. Automated Legislative Reports
  2. Legislative Tracking
  3. Current Laws
  4. FAQs by Topic and States
  5. Templates
    1. A full comprehensive policies and procedures manual template (almost 400 pages)
    2. State-specific collaborative practice agreement templates
  6. Custom Research
  7. Accreditation Support
  8. Premier Customer Support

Bula Store

We offer:

  1. The policies and procedures manual
  2. USP <800> policies and procedures
  3. Current Laws Database subscriptions
  4. Immunization frequently asked questions across all jurisdictions
  5. State-specific general collaborative practice agreements