State-Specific CPA Templates for Pharmacies

Bula’s state-specific Collaborative Practice Agreement Templates for pharmacies help clients quickly develop their businesses by using these documents created by the Bula team.

State-specific templates for collaborative practice agreements help pharmacists grow their pharmacies.

A Collaborative Practice Agreement is a document, signed by a certified physician, authorizing a pharmacy to provide specific services to patients without individual prescriptions.

Laws for CPAs vary by state.

These General CPA Templates provide pharmacies with state-specific, physician-ready CPAs, which allow certified pharmacists to administer services without individual prescriptions in your state. The Templates provide pharmacies with a quick and convenient way to secure their CPA. Additionally, through Bula’s database of pharmacy laws, regulations, and templates, compliance software has never been so accessible for pharmacies.

Benefits of Collaborative Practice Agreements for Pharmacists:

  • Comprehensive
  • Quick and easy
  • Time-saving
  • Increase business