Theft/Loss Pharmacy FAQ Downloads for Compliance

With pharmacy break-ins increasing, theft and loss compliance information is even more vital.

Background and Statistics

With 1 out of every 13 pharmacies having been robbed and 1 out of every 26 pharmacies having been broken into, pharmacies are more vulnerable than ever before.

As of June 17, 2020; Source:

Bula’s Frequently Asked Questions

Bula offers hundreds of FAQs that include the most frequently asked pharmacy law questions and answers across all 52 jurisdictions, so clients can quickly and easily access the data they need.

Answers include:

• Citations of supporting legislation
• A quick answer
• A longer detailed answer
• Answers across all 52 jurisdictions
• An editable Excel Workbook file

Two Theft/Loss FAQs Available Now:

1. “What is the minimum threshold for giving notice that a controlled substance has been stolen or lost?”


2. “In addition to the DEA Field Office, where else must a pharmacy send an initial notice of DEA Form-106?”