CLIA & POCT FAQ Subscriptions for Pharmacy with COVID-19 Details

Since the FDA has released new guidance, do you need to know if your state allows you to order and administer tests for COVID-19, and which tests?

Bula now offers 6-month subscriptions to five Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments (CLIA) and Point-of-care Testing (POCT) questions with answers for maintaining compliance in the pharmacy industry with COVID-19 details.

Questions answered:

  1. CLIA registration:  What type of registration is needed to perform CLIA-waived tests?
  2. CLIA pharmacist qualifications:  What extra requirements exist for a pharmacist to perform CLIA-waived tests?
  3. POCT Delegation:  Other than the pharmacist, who can perform CLIA-waived testing?
  4. POCT:  What CLIA tests may pharmacists perform?
  5. POCT:  May CLIA laboratory tests be performed off-site (e.g. health fairs, on-site employer events, etc.)?

Answers include new additional information pertaining to pharmacy COVID testing, and pharmacists conducting COVID tests. If you’ve ever asked “how do I conduct Coronavirus tests at my pharmacy?” or “what CLIA tests can a pharmacist do in my state?” these FAQs will assist you and your pharmacy.

Purchase a subscription to these CLIA and POCT FAQs to receive quick and long answers to these five questions across all 52 jurisdictions, including citations to the recent state regulations, over a 6-month period.

Updated 4/17/2020